CSA Newsletter 7-17-2011

Hope youre enjoying your veggies and eggs, and your summer!  We are loving it on the farm and loving feeding you.

Share Contents this week:

  • new red potatoes
  • zucchini
  • cucumbers
  • shell peas (don’t eat the shell!)
  • beet greens
  • lettuce
  • Toraziroh Asian green (cooking green)
  • basil


How to blanch and freeze vegetables
This is a great link with blanching and freezing instructions that are produce-specific. http://www.ochef.com/617.htm

Reviving Wilted Greens
If your greens sit in the sun or a hot place, or even the fridge too long, you can reinvigorate them with these simple steps
(1) Fill a bowl with cold water (not icy).
(2) Snip off the dried ends of the stems. Not so possible for something small like spinach, but good for lettuce, chard, kale, etc.
(3) Submerge in the water leaf tip first.
(4) Let sit until leaves are crisp again.  Could be as little as 30 minutes, could be 2 hours.
(5) Remove from water and dry.
(6) Prep and serve and enjoy!

Farm News!
The A-Village South End Farmers Market kicked off this pass Saturday on the corner of Eagle and Morton in Albany (west of the Lincoln Towers).  We were thrilled to be under the same tent as other local farmers, community organizers, and activists sharing a common mission of connecting high quality food with low-income communities in the city.

We are also fostering some renegade roosters from Troy (would that make then Trojan Roosters?) who will be a community meal sometime next week.  Troy does allow hens, but roosters at 4am is pushing it.  While they are with us, we look forward to them helping us train Rowe at herding, and get some sweet country air and pasture.

Speaking of Rowe, she is doing great, getting lots of quality time with her papa Jonah and the rest of the family when work and camp are done.  She is currently accepting submissions for the next cool trick to learn, now that she has figured out sit, stay, come, down, and is working on roll over and puppy pushups.  So, dont be shy to speak up if you’ve ever thought, “Hey, that would be really cool to teach a dog.”

Have a wonderful week!
Jonah, Leah, Neshima, Emet & Rowe