Produce Project Teens Visit the Farm

A big, heartfelt thank you to Chris, David, Devin, Khalif, Lexus, Steven, Taliah, Tanajai, Hannah, and Brian for sharing a wonderful day with us. We began the morning with an opening circle to get to know each other – each person said their name and chose a movement, which the group echoed back. We then went outside into the sunshine and snow-covered ground to build a 2-bin compost system out of old pallets and twine. On the way, we offered a quick tour of the bare perennials and happy hens.

Next, it was time to make lunch. We had an all local menu of home fries, roasted squash, salad, and pasta with preserved tomato sauce. Folks wanted to make fried dough as well, which was fine with us, as long as they took the leadership. (Fried dough is really good – it was my first time making it.) While food was being prepared, we broke off to play Legos with Emet, challenge each other to no-feet climbing on the trapeze, and look at the “Soul Fire Farm Introductory Slide Show.” It felt great to be real and honest about why we are in this farming business – how we are trying to rewrite the story of the relationship between people and land, dismantle racism and other oppressions in the food system, and bring reverence and reciprocity back into our interactions with Earth. By then, we were hungry, and generally agreed that lunch was delicious.

After lunch, we played a couple of simulation games modified from the Food Project Curriculum that elucidate the systems that perpetuate wealth and power for the few at the expense of the many. One of the games involves competing for chocolate coins as a proxy for wealth. Some of the participants start with coins already in hand, while others have to wear mittens while they play, and others have to start several steps back. We had a great conversation about the forces that perpetuate inequity and how the work the youth are doing at the Produce Project is creating a more just community.

We still had time for one more work project, so with shovels in hand we prepared two 60’x4′ permanent raised beds. In a couple of weeks, we will be planting kiwis and grapes in those new beds. Finally, in appreciation circle, we learned that Soul Fire Farm was the “best field trip ever.” We loved working hard together, cooking together, trapeze, and getting to make new friends. Please come back soon!