Rensselaer County Girl Scouts “Survive” Soul Fire

36 hours, 18 teenage girls, endless forest to explore, a farm-load of work, and one-motivated Girl Scout organizer, Amy, added up to a great visit from Girl Scout troops from around Rensselaer County.  The theme of their visit was Survivor.  For us that live without a television, the theme seemed like a fun challenge.  But wow were they motivated.  To survive meant finding their food, digging garden beds as fast as they could, cooking on an open fire, carrying large rocks, and lots of other challenges that Leah and I never saw.

When we weren’t facilitating digging garden beds or collecting rocks for the perennial herb gardens, we were sharing our slide show and trapeze skills.  We have never seen beds get dug so fast.  The group was motivated and sweet, and adopted both of our children for the duration of their visit.  After coming in exhausted by flashlight the night before, Emet rushed out the door at 5:30 Sunday morning to wait patiently by their tents for the Girl Scouts to wake up. True to the Girl Scout promise, they left our farm better than they found it. Thank you!