Lots of Love, Few Notes

Please forgive the long silences between our poetic, image-rich updates. This time of year is 24-7 with back-to-back Black Latinx Farmers Immersions, abundant harvests of roots and fruits from the dark soil, and youth spilling out over the land in joy tornadoes. We will tell you the beautiful stories when fall begins to whisper. In the meantime, we want to share a couple of important announcements and a hopeful photograph. The Empire would like us to get discouraged and acquiesce in these challenging times, but our ancestors didn’t give up on us, and we will not give up on our descendants.


  1. We are hiring a farmer to join our crew for the fall and possibly beyond. Please spread the word. http://www.soulfirefarm.org/meet-the-farmers/employment/

  2. We are currently hosting our first ever Advanced BLFI and one of the participants had her sister and niece hit by that car in Charlottesville. Please support this fundraiser for their medical and mental health expenses. Also, please reflect on the importance of Soul Fire and other liberation spaces that hold our community in times of trauma.

  3. We are writing a book this winter! Farming While Black: A Practical Guide to Liberation on Land will take all of our BLFI lessons and Soul Fire farming practices and turn them into a “how to” for reclaiming ancestral ways of being with earth. It will be out in October 2018, published by Chelsea Green! Details to come.

  4. Thank you to Hudson Valley Magazine and NRDC for the recent articles about Soul Fire Farm!



Participants in BLFI Session 3 jump for love on the last morning of the program. This is one of the six immersion sessions held at the farm over the season, providing space for technical farm training, strategies for ending racism in the food system, and support for healing in relationship to the land and one another.